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I would like to acknowledge some people who have been important mentors and educators:

I began my music studies at Neutral Bay Primary School on the B flat wooden flute with Victor McMahon. My main memory of Victor is of his sparkling eyes and the way he sat on the teacher’s desk smiling, playing, and making the class laugh. I began concert flute lessons in Year 8 at Cremorne Girls High School where I was also a member of Miss Barker’s recorder group, studying and performing Renaissance and early Baroque music. In year 10 I began private flute lessons with Gioconda Augimeri. For years 11 and 12 I went to the New South Wales Conservatorium High School and undertook flute studies with Margaret Crawford. During this time I also played the alto saxophone in Geoff Bailey's Conservatorium High School Big Band, going on tour each year to the far west of New South Wales.

As an undergraduate at the Sydney Conservatorium Bachelor of Music course I studied with Michael Scott, participated in the Sydney Youth Orchestra and the Australian Youth Orchestra. I took a couple of jazz subjects, and in my final year, had lessons focusing on contemporary music with Geoffrey Collins.


Through lots of freelance work mainly with Brian Strong's 'The Bennelong Players', I was able to fund post-graduate studies in Europe with André Jaunet, Roberto Fabbriciani, Trevor Wye, and masterclasses with William Bennett, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Robert Dick, and Wolfgang Schulz.


Other inspirational musicians have been

Richard Toop, Richard Gill, Chris Dench, Tom Hare

Niklaus Wyss, Horatiu Radulescu, Maurice Weddington,

Ezio Bosso and Roger Woodward.

The soundtrack of 'Against the Wind' was recently re-released on CD. The series was broadcast in 52 countries.

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